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The Iosphere brand is at the intersection of nature and technology. With sleek bold colours paired with strong geometric shapes that's inspired by innovative aeroponic agriculture and patterns of movement, this brand is set apart from anything else on the market. 


Naming, Identity & Branding, Packaging, Web





Cannabis Logo Design by Pixsoul Media Seattle Washington

The Iosphere logo icon symbolizes “IOS” tying together the aeroponic growing technology's internal operating system with atmospheric roots.

The abstract “S” symbolizes the smoke/vapor that is enclosed in a sphere. The negative space has a yin/yang effect expressing balance, wellness, and a pure product.

Cannabis Branding and Packaging Seattle Washington
Cannabis Packaging Design

Product Suite

Combined with a pop of colour, the suite of products are easily differentiated based on product features.


Built on a foundation of data technology, Iosphere uses a unique THC grow IP and aeroponic agriculture to ensure proprietary products are clean and organic so consumers recognize the brand as pure, safe and tested.


Trusted Technology

Up to the second data is collected in order to manipulate and replicate any range of THC so products are comprehensively controlled from seed to sale.

Cannabis Brand Identity Design by Pixsoul Media
CBD Packaging Design tincture
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