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SIT. STAY. JUMP FOR JOY. An energetic and playful brand that made pet CBD products more approachable.


Naming, Branding + Packaging Design, Video Animation





Pet Food Branding and Video Production by Pixsoul Media
Pet Food Brand Identity Design and Packaging

The global CBD pet market size is expected to reach USD $399.2 million by 2027, according to Grand View Research. So it was a no-brainer for our fur-friendly cannabis producer pals to want to bring high awareness among pet owners and supply the market with an approachable and trusting brand. 

Because dogs deserve a mental wellness day too! We wanted to design a brand that encouraged pet owners to look for healthy alternatives to improve their health. 

Fetch Dog Food Branding
Dog Food Packaging and Branding

Because dogs deserve a mental wellness day too.

Fetch - Hemp Health for Dogs, was born with simple and playful lines that made up an iconic face to bring a personal and approachable essence to the brand. A custom illustrated pattern was designed to be used interchangeably through various marketing assets and highlighted on the top of the bags as an added unique identifier of the brand.

The bold colour palette is accentuated to stand out from competitive brands and create an energetic contrast. And our furry friends that grace the covers are sure to grab your attention and create a sense of trust in the product.



Sales sky-rocketed with each product selling out!


Became a trusted and well-known name among CBD goers in the community


Created immediate recognition with 100% positive feedback from customers


New flavours and products are being added to their product line with the loveable brand

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