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Xylan Logistics

Since the founding in 2018, Xylan Logistics primary mission is to keep your business in motion and your cargo on track. They offer dedicated transport, logistics and project/program management solutions in North America and now across the world.


Branding, Identity, Web & Print


Xylan Logistics



We wanted to design a brand that portrayed their reliability and service oriented mission. The icon symbolizes a location marker with a classic custom monogram where the parts depict its forward motion and checkmark for accuracy. 

This memorable mark combines modern simplicity with versatility that ensures consistency to seamlessly display throughout print, web and, environmental design including large-scale shipping containers. Classic sans-serif font was fine-tuned for a timeless look with a modern bold colour palette.


There's no task is too large.


Pixsoul uses strategic design to move your business forward and scale with ease.

ipad-pro-12.9'-mockup-scene (1).png

The Results

Custom imagery and mindful use of bold colour and white space to showcase their services and create a smooth user experience to mirror the worry-free customer service they receive. The site was designed to be responsive to display at it's best through any digital device.

After launching the new brand and website, they:

  • Have an online presence to rival major North American shipping companies.

  • Increased their carrier network by 50%.

  • Have attracted a world-wide customer base, vastly increasing their reach.

  • Have become the choice supplier for national shipping and logistics.

  • Are exceptionally pleased with their easy-to-use website and timeless brand.

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