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Compliance-Driven Web Design for Publicly Traded Companies

Ensuring Regulatory Compliance + Transparency for Your Corporate Website


At Pixsoul Media, we specialize in creating websites that not only look great but also meet the rigorous standards required for publicly traded companies on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX). Our approach ensures that your website will comply with all necessary financial and governance disclosures, providing transparency and building trust with your investors.

Continuous Disclosure

We ensure your website features a dedicated section for investors, where all material information is continuously updated and easily accessible. This includes press releases, financial reports, and details of significant company developments, ensuring compliance with TSX disclosure requirements.


Financial Reporting

Your financial data will be presented clearly and in compliance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). We make it easy for users to access and download your financial statements and MD&A reports in user-friendly formats.


Governance Practices Disclosure

We help you transparently disclose your governance practices, detailing information about your board of directors, their committees, and governance policies, in line with National Instrument 58-101 requirements.


Insider Reporting and Regulatory Filings

We integrate links to SEDAR for all public securities filings and manage the presentation of insider shareholdings information, ensuring compliance with insider reporting regulations.


Meeting Notices and Proxy Materials

All materials related to annual and special meetings will be made available on your website, ensuring they are accessible and in compliance with TSX requirements.


Stock Information

We can include real-time or delayed stock price information, historical data, and trading volumes to provide comprehensive financial transparency to your investors.


Accessibility and Language Options

Our designs comply with accessibility laws to ensure that all investors, including those with disabilities, have equal access to your website's information. We also offer multilingual options to cater to all your investors, meeting Canadian bilingual requirements.

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