Nooksack Group

Named after the Nooksack people and the Nooksack river. The Nooksack Group is a high value lumber remanufacturing business that operates out of two Northern Washington-based facilities. The company produces a variety of interior and exterior products.


Branding, Corporate Materials, Signage


Nooksack Group




Pixsoul Media designed a symbolic logo that pays homage to the Nooksack people and the Nooksack river. The logo style needed to be designed in a way that fit in with their other subsidiary companies which played into a symbolic and strong typographic layout. 

The cool blues were chosen as a colour of positivity, quality, safety, sustainable and state-of-the-art facilities that house a diversified workforce of over 100 employees.


The Results

After launching the new brand and website, they:

  • Have an online presence to complete their brand vision

  • Gained international appeal

  • Drive more leads to the sales team

  • Show the professionalism and expertise that they have grown to be known for


The Logo

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